Holsteiner-Pferdegestüt Haep in Recht

Holsteiner-Pferdegestüt Haep in Recht

Haep Stable is owned by several successful mares lines such as the stem 318d2, 776, 104a, 6879. These carefully selected lines are the basis for a successful breeding of jumping horses.

Stem 318D2:

The Holstein stem 318D2 is known worldwide as one of the most important stems in Germany. A large number of stallions comes from this line, such as Corofino I (v. Corrado I), Coriano (v. Corrado I), Diarado (v. Diamant de Semilly), Crawford (v. Corrado I), Comcast I, II & III (v. Contender). Out of the mare Valeska IV Stall HAEP could buy the Corrado I daughter Sidney. She is the full sister to Corofino I and II. Among other things, the following in the international sport successful mare: Carlina come from this stem. Carlina IV has also grown up in our stables before she went on the way to the big sport at the age of 4 under Philippe Lejeune and Pius Schwitzer. Unfortunately we did not manage to get a foal of Carlina at that time, but with a lot of luck we managed to acquire a Big Star filly from her 2018. Olympic Champion Big Star and the mare Carlina which was among other things second in the Grand Prix of Aachen.

Stem 6879:

With the purchase of the Casall daughter Unikate de Soleil from the Corrado I and II mother  "Soleil " we have the stem 6879 in our breeding. Unfortunately, Unikate de Soleil died at the birth of her last foal 2018, but she leaves us some hopeful mares, in which her successful jumping blood lives on.

Stem 104a:

The Holstein Stem 104a has been one of the most prominent mare lines in Germany for many years. This stem has already brought many stallions, such as Capitano (v. Corporal), Caretano (v. Caretino), Celano (v. Capitol), Contendro I (v. Contender), Corland (v. Cor de la Bryere) and Landetto (v. Landgrave). We are very happy with the purchase of an Uriko filly from the successful stem 104A of Prof. Dr. Hartwig Schmidt. Her mother Zerlina (2 approved stallions) comes from the Elsafina and she is also the mother of the very successful mare Corradina.

Stem 1986:

One of our most successful mares is the Corrado I daughter Roma. Roma received a 10/10 in free jumping as one of the few young mares in her mare performance test. This jumping ability will pass them on to their foals. Successful horses in international sport from our own breeding with Roma are for example: AB 19 Gipsy King (Contender), Cristaline (Cristo), Adele (Cassini I), Oak Grove's Carlyle (Casall)

Stem 776:

The Holstein stem 776 is also one of the most influential in Holstein. From Holsteiner stem 776, among other things, the approved stallions Acorado I & II (v. Accord II), Calvados I & II (v. Cor de la Bryere), Lordanos (v. Landos), Lucky Boy (v. Lavall II) and one of the most important jumping horses suppliers of the 20th century: Ramiro (v. Raimond). Stable HAEP bought 2009 the reserve winner mare of the mare performance test and state-awarded mare Waleska. With a beautiful Nabab de Reve filly from this Waleska, the stem 776 is also anchored in our stable.